Lee Seung Gi Declares Impending Marriage With Lee Da In

Lee Seung Gi Declares It appears to be that I have many motivations to compose long posts this year. Today, I’m handing-off the main choice of my life. I have chosen to enjoy the rest of my existence with Lee Da In, whom I love, as a team as well as a wedded couple. I proposed, and she acknowledged. Since I have somebody to assume liability of perpetually, I needed to straightforwardly cheerfully hand-off this news to you. She is somebody with a great deal of warmth and love, and she is somebody I need to keep close by until the end of time. I need to share our bliss together, and regardless of whether there are troublesome times throughout everyday life, I need to conquer those hardships together without relinquishing each other’s hands. I really want to believe that you will show support for our future ahead, and we will live joyfully while proceeding to reward others.

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