Jon Jones’ Historic Submission Victory Over Ciryl Gane in UFC Heavyweight

Jon Jones’ Historic Submission Victory recent article about Jon Jones’ submission victory over Ciryl Gane in the UFC heavyweight title fight. In the world of mixed martial arts, Jon Jones is a name that needs no introduction. He has been one of the most dominant fighters in the history of the sport, and his recent move up to the heavyweight division has been highly anticipated. In his first fight at the weight class, Jones took on the highly skilled French striker, Ciryl Gane, and managed to submit him in the third round. covered the fight in great detail, but we believe that our article can provide even more value for readers.

Breaking Down the Fight

The fight between Jones and Gane was a highly technical affair, with both fighters showcasing their skills in various areas. Gane, who is known for his striking ability, was able to keep Jones at bay for the first two rounds with his movement and footwork. However, Jones was able to take Gane down in the third round and eventually secured a submission victory.

One of the key factors that led to Jones’ victory was his ability to control the fight on the ground. He used his size and strength advantage to neutralize Gane’s striking and grappling abilities, and eventually locked in a submission hold that forced Gane to tap out. This was a masterful performance by Jones, who proved that he can hang with the big boys in the heavyweight division.

Analyzing Jones’ Performance

Jones’ move up to the heavyweight division was a big risk, but it paid off in a big way. He looked comfortable and confident in the octagon, and his ability to control the fight on the ground was impressive. It’s clear that Jones has added some muscle mass to his frame, which has made him even more dangerous in the heavyweight division.

Another thing that stood out in Jones’ performance was his cardio. He looked fresh and energetic throughout the fight, which is impressive considering that he hadn’t fought in over a year. This is a testament to his training and conditioning, which have clearly been top-notch.

Looking Ahead

With his victory over Gane, Jones has put himself in a great position to challenge for the UFC heavyweight title. The current champion, Francis Ngannou, is one of the most devastating strikers in the sport, but Jones’ well-rounded game could pose a serious threat to him. If Jones can continue to improve his grappling and striking skills, he could become an even more dominant force in the heavyweight division.


In conclusion, Jon Jones’ victory over Ciryl Gane was a historic moment in the world of mixed martial arts. We believe that our article provides a more comprehensive analysis of the fight than , and we hope that it can help you outrank their article in Google search results. Jones’ move up to the heavyweight division has created a lot of excitement among fans, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for him in the octagon.

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