49ers quarterback, who’s not a QB, might have been compelled to play in NFC Title Vs Eagles

49ers were near playing their fullback at quarterback Going into Sunday’s NFC Title game, the 49ers were at that point down to their third-string quarterback (Brock Purdy), yet after a physical issue to the tenderfoot, San Francisco was only one success away from being compelled to play a quarterback who has never really played quarterback. With Purdy on the sideline because of an elbow injury that he experienced on the primary ownership of the game, San Francisco went to fourth-stringer Josh Johnson, however at that point he got harmed in the second from last quarter (blackout), which left the 49ers down to their crisis quarterback.

So who is the crisis QB? That would be either Kyle Juszczyk or Christian McCaffrey, as per the Fox broadcast. It began to look increasingly more conceivable that one of those two people could wind up taking a couple of snaps under focus. With Johnson out, the 49ers set Purdy back in, however he could scarcely toss because of his harmed elbow. The Birds dominated the match, 31-7, to arrive at Super Bowl LVII. McCaffrey tossed one pass, as the drained 49ers for the most part stayed with running plays late. On McCaffrey’s end, he had tossed four profession passes going in, going 2 for 4 for 84 yards and a score. He went 0 for 1 on Sunday. Concerning Juszczyk, he’s been in the NFL for 10 seasons and he’s never tossed a pass, and that implies the 49ers would have more than likely need to run a Wildcat offense of some kind if either Juszczyk or McCaffrey entered the game at QB.

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